Traumatic Injury Surgery

Have you been injured while playing sports? This could be as minor as one tooth falling out or much more severe. Injuries occur during sports every day and some are traumatic enough to require immediate action. If a tooth falls out, it may be able to be saved and re-implanted. In other cases, a dental implant may be an option. If you’ve experienced a sports injury causing facial trauma, call our office today. We offer treatment for sports-related injuries.

What is facial trauma? Facial trauma is an injury to the structure of the face that damages the tissue. This can affect many areas including the mouth, jaw, gums and teeth. This can hinder day-to-day functions as well as affect the appearance of your face. Getting in for an exam right away can help provide some answers and options to help fix the injuries.

Many sports injuries could be avoided with the use of a mouth guard. We strongly recommend wearing a mouth guard during sports to prevent facial trauma and to protect your smile. Preventing an injury by wearing a mouth guard can go a long way to saving your teeth. Call our office today to find out about our free mouth guards!