Root Canals

When damage is done to the structure of a tooth or the tooth has significant decay, a root canal may be necessary. A root canal procedure allows the dentist to extract the pulp of the tooth. After removing the pulp of the tooth, the dentist will clean the tooth and seal it. In some cases, a crown may be needed to protect the tooth from further damage.

Why Should I Consider a Root Canal?

Root canals may be necessary if you have a significant infection in your tooth. This procedure may also be needed if you have somehow damaged the structure and root of the tooth or if you have had multiple fillings in the same tooth. A root canal can save a tooth that is in pain and can save you discomfort in the future.

A root canal can potentially save a tooth from being extracted if it has a deep cavity. Rather than removing the tooth, a root canal can be a cost-effective way to save you from having a tooth extraction and an implant. We offer medicine to make the process as comfortable and as painless as possible. Once the infection is removed from your tooth, you will experience a relief from the pain that was caused by the infection. A root canal could potentially save a problem tooth and make it last a lifetime. If you are looking for answers about getting a root canal in Vancouver, WA, call our office today!