Dental Implants

So many have suffered from damaged teeth and tooth loss. Many things cause people to lose their teeth from injuries to sickness. This can come along with embarrassment, insecurity and frustration. Dental implants are a solution that can replace your broken teeth and give you a beautiful smile once again.

Dental implants are simply a three-step process. First of all, metal anchors will be placed in the gums where your teeth are missing. Next, titanium posts are attached to these anchors. Lastly, teeth will be attached to the posts. This process will give you a natural smile as the teeth are placed exactly where your former teeth used to be.

Many people will consider dentures when they want to fill in their missing teeth. However, dentures can feel unnatural and uncomfortable. They’ll also have to be replaced over time. With proper care, dental implants can be a permanent solution rather than a temporary fix. Implants will look like your natural teeth since they are anchored into the gums. Practically no one will be able to tell you have implants. Your smile will look complete once again! Interested in regaining your confidence and renewing your smile? Call New Horizons Dental today to find out your options for dental implants!