Cosmetic Dentistry

For many people, there are small changes they would like to see in their teeth. Whether their teeth are discolored, chipped or missing, there is something they would change. Cosmetic dentistry could be the solution- small changes that will make a big difference. There are many options in cosmetic dentistry to improve your smile.


Teeth bonding uses a material called resin that is bound to your teeth and then hardened by a special light. This resin is matched to the color of your tooth and can be used to fix chipped teeth, fill space in between the teeth, or protect and restore the teeth. Call us today to set up a consultation!


Lumineers are a very thin shell that is placed over the tooth to replace lost enamel. These shells are so thin that they can fit right over your teeth without thinning down your original tooth. These not only change the shape of your teeth, but they permanently whiten your teeth. The process is absolutely pain-free and they will feel like your natural tooth from the time they are put in place. Lumineers are a two-step process. During the first visit, a mold is made of your teeth and the shade of your teeth is matched to the Lumineers. At the second visit, the Lumineers are placed on your teeth. Lumineers will not limit what you can eat or drink. They are made to last over twenty years! Lumineers have been around for over thirty years and have transformed countless smiles. Find out if Lumineers are right for you by calling New Horizons Dental and setting up a consultation!


Veneers are made of porcelain material and placed over the existing tooth to improve the color or shape of the tooth. Veneers are a simple, painless procedure that will greatly improve your smile! This a popular treatment used to avoid pulling damaged teeth and give you a straight, bright smile.